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Expert advice from a proven security leader.

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Who I am


CISO Mentor Ltd was founded by me, Phil Huggins, an independent consultant with over 20 years of experience. I am a delivery-focused, chartered, security and risk professional with extensive experience of governance, management, system engineering and practical architecture across a wide range of disciplines and technologies. I am experienced in briefing and presenting cybersecurity risk concepts to boards and training NEDs.

I have designed and operated security for critical national infrastructure and sensitive government. I have advised and managed global financial services organisations and advised national regulators on cyber resilience and cybersecurity. I was a member of the Cross Market Operational Resilience Group's Cyber Coordination Group and have also been a private sector representative on multiple occasions to the Financial Stability Board on cybersecurity regulations.


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What I do

Interim CISO /

Virtual CISO

I provide short-term interim and part-time CISO services for small and large businesses who need to cover a gap or don't yet need a full time CISO. 

Security Risk / Security Strategy Advisor

I provide expert advice on the creation and delivery of both security risk management and security strategy. I specialise in quantitative security risk assessment methods and I build security risk models. I work with CIOs, CISOs and CROs.

Board Advisor & Commercial Advisor

I provide one-to-one advice to both Executives and Non-Executive Directors to provide appropriate challenge and oversight at their boards. I act as an advisor to boards. I also provide commercial, operations and marketing advice to technology startups and vendors in the cybersecurity market.


What people say about me

Peter Wales, Business Case Lead

Phil has provided excellent subject matter expert advice in the field of  security. His advice helped develop, shape and inform the final procurement approach for a strategic identity management project. Final investment approval for this multi-million project will be secured shortly.


Thanks to Phil's input and advice,the final commercial route chosen will ultimately lead to significant savings (£20 million+) for the exchequer over a 10 year period

Martin Jewel, Technical Architect

I worked closely with Phil for over 18 months on a complex and difficult activity, both organisationally and technically, and he has never wavered in the face of the increasing pressure.


He is technically excellent and a very fast thinker who is able to assimilate complex information from meetings, proposals and designs, in order to usefully articulate concerns, along with proposed solution approaches. Phil demonstrates a superb attitude; being diligent, direct, and assertive while also being sensitive to other people's points of view and open to debate.

Lydia Benatia, Privacy Lead

Phil is a pleasure to work with. Not only is he an expert in the field of Security, but he is able to translate complicated technical matters in to a language that non-security experts can understand. This proved to be an extremely important skill as Phil always has the attention of the room during meetings and presentations. 

As a manager, Phil is transparent, supportive and understands the importance of developing his staff.

Ollie Whitehouse, CTO & NED

I've known Phil for close to two decades and he has always been at the forefront of thinking around cyber risk in business.


This intellectual edge coupled with a technical heritage has been a marvel to watch in scenarios as diverse as national sector level scenarios through to complex real-world organisation risk quantification and reduction.

Phil is not one to shy away from the hard topics, whilst keeping organisations firmly rooted in reality as to their real-world exposure whilst delicately balancing business needs and priorities.

Jon Parker, CISO

Phil is a very capable, articulate and respected senior security leader. 

He is passionate about cyber security and his knowledge is both broad and deep. He is very smart and quick to understand any given situation and has an impressive ability to keep abreast of the latest cyber threats, and defence mechanisms.

Phil provides vision and inspiration for those that work for him, has the professional credibility, strategic vision and engagement skills to influence top management.

Michael Brown, CISO

There are few people in the security industry that I hold in the same high regard as Phil, someone who I've had the honour to know as a customer, supplier and friend.


He demonstrates a unique breadth of experience, knowledge and the ability to flex to any problem or situation. A "go-to" person and just a good-guy to have around.

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